Calibre30 is an influencer media agency, based in London.
Positioned at the intersection of influencers, content, technology and brands, Calibre30 creates opportunities for digital-first content creators, talent and consumer brands in a fast paced social and digital media arena.

what is an

We look up to them, enjoy their content and listen to them. They are people that create entertaining and genuine content that their fans can relate to.
However, influencers can now own their own audience and exert their own influence directly with their fans.

what we do

what we do

We work closely with digital-first talent helping develop their overall brand, strategy and growth, leveraging years of experience and our network in the social and digital space
We aim to fulfil influencer’s commercial potential, by effectively partnering brands with their content and audience


We enable brands and advertisers to speak in an authentic voice and reach a targeted audience
We help create engaging content driven by digital-first influencers on social and digital media

our work


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